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Neo-Federalists agitate for libel reform

An emergent conservative movement is stirring up support for changes to existing libel laws. Although laws are traditionally developed by judges and legislators who are appointed by legislatures, conservatives believe the libel laws are too strict and muzzle free speech. For that reason they are rallying a grass-roots movement of citizens who want to change [...]

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Welfare Activists launch court challenge

Activists for a union of charities have threatened to sue another charitible group if it continues to publish analyses of their organisational expenses. The Support for Support Association has expressed continual concerns in opinion pieces that the Stoke Group charity's disclosure of charitable expenses amounts to slander and have instigated legal proceedings. The Stoke group [...]

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Millennial commentators change the debate

Millennial commentators are re-centering public discourse, a new study has found. "I think it's now even more important for younger people to counter this new kind of conservative populism," said Alessandra Tompolino, assistant professor of American Studies at Drexel University. The "millennial right" has gained considerable ground in politics in recent years, not only enabled, [...]

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Marginal voter data exposed in leak

Aspokesperson for a conservative political action group has admitted that voter survey data has been leaked to the public in a stunning failure of data security. Asked about the failure to protect polling information, spokesman Michael Briggs called it a "disturbing incident" and said he had "deep concerns" about the leak, but hastened to add [...]

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Invisible oligarchs exert unchecked influence

A new report released today has revealed the pervasive influence of ultra high net worth individuals throughout the entire spectrum of politics. Founded in 2008, the Wealth Diversity Network is an international network of scholars and activists dedicated to enforcing fundamental tax equity for individuals and organisations. The Network latest research has found that the [...]

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Education’s Future

Education requires a revolution. The future that we see for our children requires a ground-up rebuild of our education priorities, approaches, and funding. The kinds of revolutionary approaches to learning that we advocate for will require a breakthrough in thinking at every level. A revolution is best defined as a change that alters the entire [...]

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Tax Tomorrow

The future of taxation is in jeopardy. The current landscape of wealth and income diversity has left little space for a renewed approach to reform or change. With individual tax rates now at record levels since the 1950s, the focus on tax compliance, particularly in the low-tax havens, is proving difficult. While not all of [...]

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The future of eco-systems around the world remains under threat. As we move forward together, we can empower ourselves and our local communities to ensure that future generations have a safe, secure and healthy environment. Our current focus on public education and advocacy on issues related to the use and preservation of natural ecosystems is [...]

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