Education’s Future

Education requires a revolution. The future that we see for our children requires a ground-up rebuild of our education priorities, approaches, and funding. The kinds of revolutionary approaches to learning that we advocate for will require a breakthrough in thinking at every level. A revolution is best defined as a change that alters the entire [...]

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Tax Tomorrow

The future of taxation is in jeopardy. The current landscape of wealth and income diversity has left little space for a renewed approach to reform or change. With individual tax rates now at record levels since the 1950s, the focus on tax compliance, particularly in the low-tax havens, is proving difficult. While not all of [...]

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The future of eco-systems around the world remains under threat. As we move forward together, we can empower ourselves and our local communities to ensure that future generations have a safe, secure and healthy environment. Our current focus on public education and advocacy on issues related to the use and preservation of natural ecosystems is [...]

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