Education’s Future

Education requires a revolution. The future that we see for our children requires a ground-up rebuild of our education priorities, approaches, and funding. The kinds of revolutionary approaches to learning that we advocate for will require a breakthrough in thinking at every level. A revolution is best defined as a change that alters the entire way of doing something. When we consider the entire continuum of learning from primary schooling through to tertiary education and beyond, a radical approach to education for every child [...]

Justice, Together

Justice and Law. These two pillars of social progress have slowly diverged throughout the latter-half of the twentieth century, drifting apart so inexorably that only a total revision of the social order can unite us again. Of course, this unity seems further away from us than ever, but it is equally impossible to ignore that change is happening, change that  must come to an end. Our focus on this issue is grounded in a persistence in declaring that "progress" is inherently indivisible from unity. [...]

Tax Tomorrow

The future of taxation is in jeopardy. The current landscape of wealth and income diversity has left little space for a renewed approach to reform or change. With individual tax rates now at record levels since the 1950s, the focus on tax compliance, particularly in the low-tax havens, is proving difficult. While not all of the state's revenue lost to the offshore sector should go to increases in social change, the government does still have a burden to be analysed and assessed. The reframing [...]


The future of eco-systems around the world remains under threat. As we move forward together, we can empower ourselves and our local communities to ensure that future generations have a safe, secure and healthy environment. Our current focus on public education and advocacy on issues related to the use and preservation of natural ecosystems is supported by continued research and policy development into the economic implications and possibilities that these issues give rise to. As an organisation, we recognise and advocate for a reassessment [...]

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